Monday, September 17, 2007

Have Gays Started...?

There were a LOT of stuff at the Royal Ascot Goat Races in Munyonyo (two weeks ago) and so don’t blame anybody for not telling you some of them because even Rafshizzle remembers one at a go…they were just too many!
The event had food, girls, booze, the goats and a bit of a mass wedding feel to it, fashionably-speaking.
But one couple in a white wedding gown was to be confused for a bride and bridegroom.
I ask you: how many of you would be happy to watch a Mrs-marries-Mrs wedding?
I guess nobody and even people at the Goat Races looked shocked after seeing the two ladies exemplify what the gays have been fighting for in recent days.But when Rafshizzle asked them if they were gays, the two said “no” but they just thought of something to sex up their appearance at the event... and by doing so, they managed to stand out from all the rest of the posse.

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