Thursday, September 27, 2007

Haruna Over Tempted in Ramadan!

Ding ding! Round one of a celebrity’s Battle of the Souls is underway.
In the left corner is Haruna Mubiru of Kitooke Kifa Nsalira, in the right, Temptation or call him Satan.
In the two weeks of the holy month of Ramadan Haruna has been attacked by numerous Temptations that have almost spoilt his Shawm (fasting).
The first Temptation faced him in Masindi where he performed at the B2K Nite launch at Club Liquid a week ago. A girl from the audience told Haruna: “I love you, please can I spend the rest of tonight with you, please…” and he said, “I’m sorry I can’t do that” but that was not the end of the Temptations.
Even last week as he performed with Eagles Production on the Ssese Islands, Haruna was faced by even tougher Temptations.
Doing his thing, a girl joined him on stage, she undid her zip a little bit and started dancing seductively. Another even had a beer in her hand and remember Haruna had just broken his fast.
Everyone knows what the Qur’an says about booze and music but, anyways, it’s the same Qur’an that advises us not to judge others.
Haruna’s situation has got my brain whirling, and I have decided to investigate the matter in my own unique way considering singing is the guy’s job and he cannot avoid the fans.

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Princess said...

Whoa, i should have thought as much. Some celebraties, take up to drugs, including alcohol, so despite religion, that is all that Haruna had to do to please his funs...shame. Allah have mercy.