Friday, September 14, 2007

David Obua’s brother rotting in Luzira

“May he come for my rescue…”?
Those are not my words but words by budding footballer Gilbert Obua towards his elder stepbrother, the Cranes Star David Obua.
Well, Rafshizzle can exclusively reveal to you that Gilbert Obua, who was set to sign for local club SC Villa in July, was arrested for idle and disorderly by Patrol Police merely a month ago.
A source only identified as Charles told Rafshizzle that Gilbert is one of the several sons of former FUFA President Denis Obua but his father has since denied him.
Charles said that Gilbert has been incarcerated in Luzira prison for close to a month and half “but Obua Senior said he is not the father and therefore he cannot take responsibility.”
Actually, Charles had wanted Rafshizzle to help connect him to David Obua, maybe he could help, but unfortunately the request came in a little late after Obua had just returned to South Africa to join his club K-Chiefs.
Gilbert was in court on Tuesday at 2 p.m. but Obua had left the country on Monday morning.
Charles said that Gilbert would be released on a bond of Shs100,000.
How much pork can Shs100,000 buy?
You’ll give me the answer after the break.
In the meantime I believe Obua could have used a portion of the Shs17 million he got from Mike Ezra plus other bonuses to help Gilbert at least as just a fellow Ugandan if not a brother but unfortunately the footy lad is already out of the country.
Don’t ask me why I’m not paying that money…Thanks


eddyslahh said...

wat a shame
i think its not news for people esp ugandans to deny their own kids. who knows, he could be the next obua or even better.

5k here if u guys are up to helping.

abuworks said...

There is only one solution to prove this - DNA. Readers will cry out loud but in such a situation money can be found to prove Gilbert right or otherwise.

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