Friday, March 7, 2008

Which judge needs to refuel?

Heavens to Mr. Augustine Nshimye Sebutulo.
This gentleman who has been nominated to become justice of the court of appeal gave us cheek last week.
But of how embarrassment doesn’t know senior citizens like him even if he is a former MP and minister of state for foreign affairs.
It was last Wednesday at around 11 a.m. when he faced the reality of life after his red BMW ran out of fuel as he approached Crane Bank along Kampala Road.
The gentleman in his 50s was rendered helpless by the stubborn car. And he was alone, if we may add.
So, he decided to switch on the hazard lights amidst hooting from other drivers behind him as he engaged his cell-phone apparently calling some one to run to a petrol station and get him the fuel.
Could it be that as a big man, you could not check the fuel tank before setting off as you’re used to fuel laden cars or it’s something else?
Please Mr Nshimye tell us why you run out of fuel because you can no longer give the Kenyan crisis as an excuse.

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