Friday, March 7, 2008

Show me the way!

Entering and exiting a radio studio isn’t the same as entering and exiting an airport.
The airport creates a lot of tension and if you’re not careful you can get lost…
Ain’t that right, Peter Sematimba?
The Super FM boss should know as he got stranded at Entebbe Airport during the arrival of UB40 last week.
The clever man (many Ugandans believe he is) successfully entered the arrivals section but was bamboozled on his way back.
Just after passing through the security checkpoint, Sematimba realised that he had to return outside and wait at the VIP exit because UB40 were to checkout through the VIP lounge. But when Sematimba cast his eyes onto the door, it read entrance!
With his head shaking like a goat in heavy rain and a face like a plastic placed too close to a fire, Sematimba looked completely lost as he bustled from one corner to the other.
However, journalists who were rushing to the VIP exit helped show him what to do when they (wrongly) got out through the entrance.
Sematimba, sometimes urgency gives you no chance to follow directives.

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