Friday, March 7, 2008

Helen Lukoma’s sales skills

Who knew Helen Lukoma had it in her?
Sales skills, that is.
Bustling and hustling on the busy Kampala streets all in the name of hitting market targets for a newspaper, the Obsessions dancer is showing off her talent these days.
Well, our spy boys and girls have spotted Lukoma frequenting one of the leading media houses situated in the Industrial Area.
And a source told us that, actually, she has been a marketer for this newspaper “for months now.”
And frankly it’s good to see a beautiful girl or rather a celebrity come to your office asking you to advertise with her company!
However, Lukoma is doing the marketing job as part-time as she still goes to MUBS for her studies and joins her fellow Obsessions members for what they do best.
That is super creativity, Lukoma.

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