Monday, January 28, 2008

Ragga Dee, where is the chauffeur

Hold on folks, Rafshizzle needs to first demist his specs before observing this snap.
Ho! It’s Ragga Dee!
No wonder I took time to realise it was him – seriously, he was the bridegroom and how comes he drove himself?
The Empeta star drove his bride in an Escalade from Namirembe Cathedral to Serena Hotel where they had their reception.
So much so I bet most of you would love to sit and relax as someone else drives you on your wedding day.
But you cannot blame Ragga Dee, what if the driver takes off with your bride?
Or should I say he wanted to have a personal feeling of Nyakana’s new Escalade car?
I could spend the whole day guessing why Ragga Dee opted to drive himself but I am running out of space.

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