Monday, January 28, 2008

Orlando, Dream Girls get sentenced!

Nee-Nah, Nee-Nah...
That is the sound of the fashion police as they close in on their latest victims.
Yes, Emperor Orlando has finally been pulled up for his crimes against fashion.
And if you ask us, we have been very lenient.
We have given Orlando the benefit of the doubt one too many times.
We have steadily watched him at different parties and he happens not to comply with the law of the dress code.
But, there is only so much sartorial disturbance we can take.
Imagine he turned up at Ragga Dee’s wedding at Serena Hotel in a funny (cheap?) black shirt – like he was going for burial – and to make matters worse, his chest was outside after loosening the upper buttons.
Meanwhile, the Dream Girls also shocked guests when they came at the same wedding wearing hip-star jeans and skimpy blouses that left their boobs peeping and their waists uncovered.
Worst Dressed awards for you and we only hope and pray you learn your lessons from today.

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