Thursday, April 1, 2010

Chameleone outs Basiima Ogenze remix

Just before launching his Basiima Ogenze album a few weeks ago, Chameleone was in the news for reportedly meeting with some State House officials who wanted him to redo the song in two different languages.
It was reported that Chameleone had been asked, with orders from President Museveni, to redo Basiima Ogenze in Runyankore and Swahili. The song hits at people who appreciate someone after he/she has died or left.
And now the latest from Leone Island indicates that the sick singer is back in studio working on Basiima Ogenze the Swahili version.
"Basiima Ogenze in Swahili should be ready for distribution this week," said an insider."He (Chameleone) will then turn to another version which is in vernacular."
Given that the original version is in Luganda (vernacular) we would like to anticipate that it's the Runyankore version next though Chameleone has since declined to comment about his connection with State House.
He recently told Sqoop that he is not political and doesn't favour any political party or politician but he simply sings to make his fans happy and making money.
With the presidential campaigns around the corner, Chameleone might want to make some 'political money' - just thinking.

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success+inspiration said...

swahili version is slow and boring