Thursday, March 25, 2010

D'Banj falls in love - with Genevieve

D'Banj says he and Genevieve Naji have great chemistry and that it's full steam on the love boat between the singer and the actress.
We obtained an interview that the Koko Master did with Nigerian blogger Stella Dimoko-Korkus and the reigning MTV Africa best singer revealed that he is in love with Nigeria's top actress.
"It's been long I felt this way about anyone," said D'Banj of Genevieve.
Actually, D'Banj has used Genevieve as the vixen in the video of his hit Fall In Love, which is well-known in Kampala and he added, "I don't know what other words to use to qualify my feelings but when you see the video, you'll know that it's not just a video, it was me talking to my girl for real."
Publicity stunt?
D'Banji had this to say; "I don't care what people say. Right now, we want to be together and we don't want to hide it anymore. I want to be able to take her out."
About marriage, D’Banj told Dimoko-Korkus: "Like I just told you now, Genevieve is my girlfriend, in fact I don't like using that word, she's my baby, she’s my everything and I love her. We are both very mature people and we are also very private people. There’s a big difference between our public lives and our private lives. We would like to take it one step at a time right now and would appreciate it if people will respect our need for privacy at this time."
Let's stop here, D'Banj wants privacy.

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