Thursday, March 25, 2010

MTN's Sheila under Lionel fire

MTN is highly focused on the World Cup and don't even think of bringing any big artiste to Uganda soon.
That is how it is, at least according to the MTN Uganda publicist Ms Sheila Kangwagye.
Sheila contacted us complaining about the number of calls --- including his father's --- asking her to secure them a ticket to the legend's concert.
"People think MTN is bringing Lionel Richie," she said. "I'm tired of answering calls about Lionel Richie. We're not bringing him."
However, Sheila says she has also heard about the American R&B sensation coming to Uganda.
"True, I have a few people talk about Lionel Richie coming but like I said, it's not MTN bringing him," she added. "I hope he comes but people shouldn't connect his coming to us because not even a single person has contacted us about sponsoring that show."
We're getting nervous!

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