Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bebe Cool’s starship demands

We all know Bebe Cool is the Artiste of the Year this year.
But he wants to make sure we all know how laudable his win is.
Speaking to us through a web chat the self-imposed Titanic Big Size took time out from talking about Zuena’s beauty to the fact that he is number one in Ugandan music. “I’m a Ugandan hero, and I was man y years ago,” he exclaimed. “If you think I’m wrong, look back at the things I have done for Ugandan music.”
Well, yeah, we’re not debating that.
But then the contentious issue here is Bebe asking for a hero’s reception as he returns from the US ahead of his December 4 concert.
He returns on November 22 and he wants as many people to pour by the roadside as he drives from Entebbe to Kampala this Sunday.
“When I think about people like Inzikuru, Gaetano and Kipsiro, I just see my name in the middle there,” added Bebe, “I should be welcomed the same way.”
Good to know, Bebe, good to know.

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Kitari said...

Any man who asks for a hero's reception does not deserve one. A real hero doesn't do it for the reward.